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X-Ray Generators

Conventional and Microfocus Monoblock X-Ray Generators

X-Ray Generators

Metrix NDT can supply  a range of x-ray generators produced by some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Source-Ray Inc.,  VJ X-Ray,  Aerosino. and Comet.

Using our expertise we can help to identify the best x-ray generator to meet your needs.

Microfocus X-Ray Generators

Metrix NDT can supply microfocus x-ray generators from 20kV to 120kV suitable for   medical and industrial x-ray applications, including EDS,  NDT or x-ray analysis (including food inspection) and analytical x-ray (XRD, XRF techniques).
The units combine an x-ray tube and a high voltage generator into one physical package , and all units can be configured for digital (RS-232), or analog interfaces.
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Microfocus generator

Conventional Monoblock X-Ray Generators

Metrix NDT can supply conventional Monoblock x-ray generators produced by one of the world’s leading manufacturers.In these compact Monobloc generators the high voltage inverter and tube are combined into a single, self-contained integrated package. They are capable of operating in a wide range of conditions with excellent stability, performance and reliability. 18 months warranty is offered as standard on these generators.
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With over 20 year experience of the x-ray sector, Metrix can offer you wide range of technical support and expertise ranging from component selection through to complete systems design to help you find the right solution for your application.

Contact us today to find out how Metrix NDT can help you.

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