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Software for X-Ray Systems

software development services for x-ray systems

Metrix NDT are experts in designing and supplying x-ray systems to the industrial and security sectors.

Our expertise includes:

  • System control, either as a standalone system or integrated into existing production facilities
  • Motion stage control to suit the application requirements either inline or standalone
  • Image Acquisition suite tailored to the specific application to optimise image quality
  • Image Processing, application tailored suite to process and inspect digital X-ray images
  • Image pre-processing for optimising pictorial data
  • Image feature extraction for manual and automated data analysis
  • Image classification for automated feature data interpretation
  • CT data acquisition and rendering

X-Ray Control SDK

  • Image acquisition from line scan or detector panels
  • Integration into existing control systems
  • Full component control and diagnostics
  • Threat Image Projection (TIP) integration into existing systems
  • Customised user-interfaces tailored to specific applications

Process Automation

  • 100% inspection in real time
  • Automated defect detection
  • Real-time signal for inline integration
  • Data Analysis using Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence techniques

Industrial Applications

Metrix NDT have extensive experience of developing software for industrial inspection, NDT and process control for a wide range of industries and applications including the food and beverage industries, nuclear industry, automotive and aerospace industries, medical device and pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing, castings, metrology, waste and timber.

Security Applications

  • Threat Image Projection (TIP) integration into existing systems
  • Automated feature detection


MetView is Metrix NDT’s highly customisable software package which can be supplied integrated into Metrix x-ray inspection systems, or as an API to be used in conjunction with customer’s existing hardware.

  • All generators with a digital interface
  • Linescan and digital flat panel generators
  • System and Motion stage control
  • Input/Output control customisable for specific applications
  • Touchscreen friendly PC based intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Sophisticated acquisition and processing functions
  • Database support for logging inspections, full traceability and data mining for production improvement

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