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Customised X-Ray Systems

Customised X-Ray Systems

Customised X-Ray Systems

Metrix NDT are experts in designing, building and supplying  x-ray inspection systems suitable for a wide range of industrial x-ray inspection applications.

Metrix NDT will investigate x-ray inspection applications which cannot be addressed by existing turnkey x-ray machines and propose customised

MetCam X-Ray Imaging System

Designed to minimise  risk and complexity  inherent in introducing or updating x-ray inspection systems, Metrix NDT have designed MetCam, a modular  x-ray imaging system.

The design is modular, both in terms of hardware and software, so you only need order what you need for your application – from the basic matched x-ray generator and detector set to a fully integrated OEM turnkey solution.

The MetCam x-ray imaging system simplifies the process of selecting and implementing an x-ray system suitable for integration into a production line, handling system or machine by supplying a bespoke combination of x-ray generator and x-ray detectors with control software ready for integration and a range of optional extras.

The MetCam system is suitable for in-line x-ray inspection, or can be incorporated into a cabinet system.

Find out how ourMetCam X-ray Imaging System can provide a cost effective, flexible solution to your x-ray system needs

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