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Original Equipment Manufacturers

X-Ray Systems for Original Equipment Manufacturers, Machine Builders and System Integrators

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Machine Builders and System Integrators are increasingly required to incorporate x-ray inspection capability into manufacturing facilities, material handling systems and production lines.

Metrix NDT are experts in designing, building and supplying  x-ray inspection systems suitable for a wide range of x-ray inspection applications.

We can design bespoke and customised imaging systems, comprising an x-ray generator, x-ray detector and appropriate software  which can be integrated into existing, or new,  production lines and handling systems.

Metrix NDT can reduce time to market for your design and build of x-ray inspection systems by supplying complete digital x-ray imaging system packages.

  • Integrated x-ray imaging system packages
  • Flexible solutions
  • Wide range of industrial x-ray inspection applications
  • X-Ray Expertise

MetCam x-ray imaging system

Find out how our MetCam X-ray Imaging System can provide a cost effective, flexible solution to your x-ray system needs


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