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Industrial X-Ray Inspection Systems

Manufacturers are increasingly under pressure to inspect the products they produce at various stages of production, either by non-destructive testing of samples or real-time inspection of 100% of the product on the production line.

X-Ray inspection is an important technique used in a wide range of manufacturing processes to verify product conformity, to detect, measure and analyse concealed or difficult to measure features, to help to identify actual or latent problems and faults.  In addition it can provide real-time feedback data to control and help to optimize the manufacturing process.

X-ray inspection systems may be integrated at various points in the production process, but is most often carried out at the end of the production line when products may be packaged.

X-Ray inspection allows you to see what is happening inside your product.

Industrial x-ray inspection systems can measure and detect:

  • Cracks and fractures

  • Misaligned components

  • Seal integrity

  • Missing and broken parts

  • Contaminants

  • Faults

  • Porosity

  • Thicknesses and overlaps

  • Fill levels

  • Inclusions

From Components to Bespoke Systems

Metrix NDT Ltd are experts in designing and building x-ray systems for industrial inspection. We  work closely with customers to understand their particular inspection requirements, and propose and supply cost effective x-ray machines, components and other solutions.

Metrix NDT can help you find the best solution to meet your x-ray inspection needs.


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