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Moxi X-Ray Chamber

Moxi-X-Ray Chamber

The MOXI system offers QA, R&D and on-line facilities a low cost high performance x-ray capability in a simple to use small footprint turnkey package. 

Used  to verify the integrity (identifying cracks, porosity, inclusions, missing parts, etc) and dimensions of products, MOXI provides a simple turnkey x-ray inspection facility that allows the user to rapidly determine if their products are without defects, are internally the correct size and shape and contain the correct subcomponents.

Targeted at low volume inspection—typically up to 20 inspections per hour – the MOXI system is particularly suitable for both laboratory and shopfloor QA applications.

MOXI is based on a modular design which  allows Metrix to configure the system to meet your specific application.  By selecting the most appropriate x-ray generator and detector components combined with our MetVIEW software ensures an optimum and cost effective solution.

Designed  primarily for the inspection of castings, complex fabrications and small assemblies, the MOXI system allows customers to gain the benefits of x-ray inspection facilities quickly, simply and safely in a cost- effective integrated turn-key solution.

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