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X-ray chambers

Turnkey x-ray chambers for industrial inspection

Metrix NDT supplies high quality x-ray chambers and cabinets  at competitive prices.

Osprey 160®

The Osprey 160® is a turnkey, fully integrated, digital imaging x-ray system ideal for non-destructive inspection of castings, forged components, welds, fabrications, complex assemblies and other manufactured parts.

Simple to install and operate, The Osprey 160® provides manufacturers with a valuable tool for condition monitoring, diagnostic engineering, industrial NDT,  materials and quality testing and quality control and  assurance.

  • High performance NDT
  • Low price
  • Fully integrated system
  • Test and analysis software included as standard
  • Teach facility for semi-automated inspection
  • Powered doors as standard
  • UK service and supply

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X-ray chamber

Osprey 160




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