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Moxi X-Ray Chamber Features

The MOXI system offers QA, R&D and on-line facilities a low cost high performance x-ray capability in a simple to use small footprint turnkey package. 

Capable of inspecting sample objects up to:

  • 400mm diameter
  • 500mm high
  • 30kg max weight

Physical Dimensions:

  • 1850mm x 1400mm x 850mm

Sample handling

  • Powered two axis sample table
  • Rotation: 360⁰
  • Vertical: 100mm

Typical x-ray resolution capability:

  • · 200µm (Linescan)
  • · 50µm (high resolution DR panel)

X-ray generator working range:

  • 20kV – 170kV
  • 0.1mA – 3.0 mA
  • 100% Duty Cycle

Detector Resolution

  • Line Scan               200µm, 400µm or 800µm pixel pitch
  • Area (DR)               50µm to 200µm


  • Operating temp.:        5°C to 40°C


  • Conforms to IRR17 and CE compliant

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