MetCam X-Ray Detector Options

MetCam x-ray detector options

MetCam X-ray Detector Options

Metrix offers a range of x-ray detectors to suit a range of applications, including linescan, flatpanel, fluroscopic, dual-enery and energy dispersive.

Line Scan X-Ray Detector Features

  • Standard detector resolutions: pixel pitch of 200µm down to 50µm native resolution
  • Wide range of format (50mm square to 430 mm x 430mm)
  • High scan rate detector modules up to 32fps
  • CT data acquisition and rendering

Typical Area Scan Implementation

  • Standard detector resolutions: pixel pitch of 800µm, 400µm & 200µm native resolution
  • Wide operating energy range 40kV to 15MeV
  • High line speeds > 2ms-1
  • Scalable configuration 50mm to 2,000mm conveyor widths
  • Robust – high durability even at high energies
  • Low cost

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