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MetCam Basic Package

MetCam X-Ray Imaging System Basic Package

MetCam X-Ray Imaging System Basic Package

The Metcam basic package comprises a matched x-ray generator and detector set, including collimation, integrated with MetView software to enable the customer to capture an x-ray image of the object of interest at the speed and resolution required.

Metrix offers a wide range of generators and detectors which can be configured to meet the specific application and imaging requirements.

  • X-ray Generators: conventional, Monobloc, mini-focus and micro-focus solutions.
  • X-Ray Detectors: linescan, flatpanel, fluoroscopic, dual-energy, energy dispersive solutions.

Using an intuitive basic dashboard (PC based software interface) the MetView software allows the customer to control the x-ray generator to:

  • Set the x-ray energy and flux
  • Turn x-rays ON and OFF
  • Generator “warm-up”
  • Monitor the x-ray status
  • Calibrate the x-ray detector
  • Acquire x-ray images
  • Save and retrieve x-ray images

Optional Hardware and software options – read more

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