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MetCam Imaging System

Integrated X-Ray Imaging System

MetCam X-Ray Imaging System

Metrix NDT are experts in designing and supplying x-ray imaging and inspection systems suitable for a wide range of x-ray inspection applications.

Metrix NDT can supply complete digital x-ray imaging packages for integration into production lines and x-ray machines.

Comprising a suitable x-ray generator, and appropriate set of x-ray detectors and control software, the package simplifies the process of designing and building x-ray inspection systems.

Whether  you are a manufacturer, machine builder or systems integrator, Metrix NDT can help you  gain the benefits of high performance x-ray inspection facilities quickly and simply.

  • Integrated x-ray imaging package
  • Production line and systems integration
  • Flexible solutions
  • Wide range of industrial x-ray inspection applications
  • NDT and R&D applications

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Sale of MetCam X-Ray Inspection System to Castings Industry

Metrix NDT Ltd is delighted to have won a significant order from Cook Defence Systems for their MetCam Digital X-Ray Imaging System.

Cook Defence Systems, a subsidiary of the William Cook group, is the world’s leading independent designer and manufacturer of tracks for armoured fighting vehicles. The MetCam system will be used to guarantee the integrity of cast steel track links for the British Army and allied militaries around the world.

The MetCam x-ray system is a flexible package of components and software which can be configured to meet a wide range of application and customer needs. 

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