MetVIEW-CT software has been developed to enable users to gain CT capability at a competitive price.

It can be supplied either as a turnkey bespoke Micro CT System or can be integrated into an existing system as an upgrade or refurbishment.


  • Industrial inspection or non-destructive testing in a laboratory or off-line environment
  • Medical Research
  • Research and Development turnkey or OEM solutions

How does it work?

  • MetVIEW-CT integrates with a wide range of x-ray detector, x-ray generators and motion configurations
  • Acquires CT data
  • Produces a meta file with CT acquisition metrics suitable for post processing and reconstruction
  • Produces a fast basic reconstruction for reference
  • Supplies data to users for reconstruction using their own reconstruction algorithms or a can be integrated with 3rd party package supplied by the user or Metrix NDT

What it can deliver

  • Delivers accurate CT images with meta data for reconstruction post processing and reconstruction
  • Automated routines for data acquisition and image processing
  • User defined flexibility in the CT acquisition parameters (e.g. integration time, x-ray settings, number of projections, etc)

Mouse femur bone CT image

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