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NDT x-ray machine for hire

Low cost x-ray facilities for NDT

Ideal for one off or small batches, Metrix NDT is offering customers use of one of our in-house x-ray machines. Following an initial confirmation that our system can “see” what is required we will train you on:

  • Radiation safety
  • Operation of the equipment
  • Image interpretation

Using the equipment is simple and allows customers to gain hands on NDT x-ray experience.

Customers for this service have included:

  • Weekly batch inspections for an extended period
  • One day batch inspection of a product
  • A single item inspection for forensic evaluation

Dr Geoffrey May of Focus Consulting said:

“Thanks for providing a quick and efficient service. The job was to radiograph a Li-ion battery which had been involved in a fire as part of a forensic evaluation. All the specific questions were readily answered from the views that were provided and will make the next steps in the investigation much easier. The radiographs were delivered in the correct format within two hours.”

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