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X-Ray components, systems and OEM solutions for automotive and aviation x-ray inspection.

X-Ray Inspection for the Automotive and Aviation Industries

X-ray provides the ability to inspect the internal or concealed features of structures, castings and fabrications which have been manufactured from almost any material including alloys, steels, ceramics, composites (including carbon fibre or glass reinforced plastics), plastics,  and synthetic rubbers. 

With the ongoing drive towards higher performance and greater reliability it is becoming routine practice to subject components to full x-ray inspection – both during stages of the manufacturing process or post manufacturing for final quality assurance.

X-ray technologies can be used to provide a rapid and accurate non-destructive method to detect, measure and analyse almost any concealed or difficult to measure feature helping to identify actual or latent problems.


X-ray inspection can detect:

  • Welding defects
  • Porosity
  • Missing, cracked or broken parts
  • Misalignment or orientation issues
  • Presence and absence of specific features
  • Inclusions
  • Foreign objects, debris and components
  • Non-uniformity
  • Thicknesses and overlaps

X-ray inspection can help you to:

  • Detect hidden defects
  • Verify product compliance
  • Reduce faults
  • Increase product reliability
  • Reduce recall costs
  • Improve product safety
  • Maintain your products safety and compliance in the field and secure your company’s reputation for quality.

Metrix NDT

With over 20 year experience in the x-ray and industrial inspection sectors, the team at Metrix NDT work closely with customers to understand their particular requirements and propose appropriate and cost effective solutions from component level to complete integrated turnkey systems.

Our flexible, modular hardware and software allow us to customise our systems to your needs.

We can supply components, cabinets, chambers, imaging systems, for laboratories and production lines.

Contact us today to find out how Metrix NDT can help you.

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