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Metrix NDT offers a range of components and sub-systems suitable for security x-ray systems at cost effective prices.

X-Ray Inspection for Security Applications

X-ray systems are used extensively for screening items including mail, parcels, cargo, baggage, vehicles, suspect packages, and  IED’s  for security, customs and defense purposes.

To support designers and manufacturers in these sectors Metrix NDT can supply a wide range of high performance and cost effective x-ray components and sub-systems for use in security x-ray systems, including x-ray generators and detectors.

System design

The team at Metrix NDT Ltd have extensive experience of designing and building digital x-ray systems for security applications, including baggage scanners, portable scanners and vehicle scanners.

Software and TIP for Security X-Ray Systems

Metrix NDT can also provide expertise in the design and development of new x-ray systems for security applications, including software development such as TIP. 

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