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Pharmaceutical and medical device industries

X-Ray systems, components and OEM solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

X-Ray Inspection for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries

 X-ray inspection is an important tool widely used in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to investigate internal or concealed structures and features, to identify problems,  and to  confirm integrity of the product before it leaves the plant.

X-ray inspection can provide valuable information to the manufacturer in both the laboratory and on the production line.


X-ray inspection can be used to:

  • Inspect complex assemblies, such as medical devices and accurately measure components, confirm their alignments or orientation
  • Identify faults such as missing, cracked or broken parts or weld defects
  • Detect contaminants such as non-ferrous metals in foil, stainless steel, powders, bone, glass, wood, PVC, plastics, stone, ceramic, cement and rubber
  • Monitor fill control (fluids) or package content (blister pack)
  • Confirm package completeness – product, leaflets and accessories are all in the sealed package prior to shipping

With over 20 years’ experience in x-ray inspection the team at Metrix NDT are able to advise customers on appropriate solutions to meet their requirements, whether it be a replacement component, or a bespoke x-ray system to integrate into existing equipment and lines.

Our flexible, modular hardware and software allow us to customise our systems to your needs.

We can supply components, cabinets, chambers, imaging systems, for laboratories and production lines.

Contact us today to find out how Metrix NDT can help you.

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