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X-Ray systems, components and OEM x-ray systems for food and beverage inspection

X-Ray Inspection for the Food and Beverage Industries

X-ray inspection systems are widely used in the food and beverage industries to monitor product quality for safety, consistency and integrity.

These systems can be used to confirm if packages are over- or under-filled or indeed if products are missing inside the packaging.

X-ray inspection technology offers exceptional detection of contaminants such as glass, metal, stone, bone and high-density plastics, even for products packaged in foil or metallised film.

The team at Metrix NDT have over 25 years experience of designing and supplying x-ray systems to the food industry addressing a wide range of inspection requirements.

Metrix NDT will investigate x-ray inspection applications which cannot be addressed by existing turnkey x-ray machines and propose customised solutions.

X-ray systems can simultaneously perform a wide-range of 100% product line speed quality checks

  • Confirming mass
  • Measuring density
  • Counting components
  • Identifying missing or broken products
  • Monitoring fill levels
  • Inspecting seal integrity
  • Checking for damaged packaging.
  • Detect contaminants such as non-ferrous metals in foil, stainless steel, powders, bone, glass, wood, PVC, stone, ceramic, cement and high density plastic and rubber

Data and Decision making

  • Decision making software and an automatic reject device installed with your x-ray machine can instantly remove contaminated products from the production line.
  • Software within the x-ray system can help traceability in the production line.
  • Data from the system can be used to help identify sources of problems and help to optimise the whole process.

Selecting an X-ray System

There is no single solution suitable for all food and beverage quality inspection applications.

The type and configuration of x-ray system for any application will depend on the specific application and operational requirements.

Some factors affecting the optimum configuration of a system – the choice of x-ray generator, detectors and software – will include the type of product and contaminant, feature thickness, density, texture, material, the line speed, and the inspection and information requirements.

The team at Metrix NDT have developed a highly versatile modular x-ray imaging system and software to be able to propose customised and bespoke x-ray solutions at cost effective prices.

Find out more about how our MetCam x-ray system and our MetView software package can meet your x-ray inspection needs.

Contact us today to find out how Metrix NDT can help you.

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