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X-Ray Inspection Systems for Industrial Inspection

X-Ray Inspection Systems for Industrial Inspection

Metrix NDT supplies x-ray components and x-ray imaging systems for industrial inspection.

Whether you need a turnkey x-ray inspection chamber or a custom built x-ray imaging system for integration into your production line, our experts can look at your application and advise on the best solutions to meet your needs.

Metrix NDT brings together a network of highly qualified and experienced experts working in the field of x-ray inspection to develop products to meet the needs of its customers.

We design and build x-ray systems to meet your needs, rather than supplying a standard product.

Through partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers Metrix NDT is able able to supply components and systems at competitive prices.

Our Customers

The team at Metrix NDT work closely with customers to understand their particular x-ray inspection requirements and propose appropriate and cost effective solutions.

Customers of Metrix NDT include manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), systems integrators and machine builders .

We work in many sectors including  food, aviation, automotive, security equipment and medical devices and  pharmaceuticalnuclear and mining industries.

We work with Universities and Research Organisations,  NDT and quality assurance specialists, Research and Development teams, Project team, Production Managers

All work with our customers is carried out under strict Non Disclosure Agreements.


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