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Upgraded CT Facility for the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, University College London (UCL)

Using an existing ultra-high resolution x-ray tube, Metrix NDT Ltd has built a new CT facility for the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at University College London.

The new bespoke system incorporated the existing x-ray tube, a new high resolution digital flat panel (interchangeable between 100µm and 50µm pixel resolution panels) and an up-rated motion control architecture.

The system uses Metrix’s MetVIEWCT software package to acquire CT data for reconstruction, using a 3rd party reconstruction package.

The resultant images provide exceptional 1.5µm resolution CT images or real-time (20fps) live images at 50µm and 100µm resolution.

Mouse Femour

The project has enabled UCL to recycle their existing x-ray tube and gain new facilities at a competitive price.

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Metrix supplies new cutting-edge test facility to the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC). 

The new system, based around the Metrix EZ-Access Cabinet, will help scientists and researchers assess the damage caused by ionising radiation in detector systems.

Read the full story here 👉 https://lnkd.in/epikCE2q

Two more EZ Access chambers with MetCam x-ray systems for Universities

Metrix NDT is delivering two more EZ Access radiological chambers, to Universities in Portugal and Saudi Arabia.

The first is an 8-door chamber supplied with motion stages and a customised high resolution MetCam x-ray system.

The second is a 4-door chamber supplied with a customised MetCam system for pipe inspection.

EZ Access chamber with customised MetCam X-Ray System

The EZ Access chamber allows Universities and research organisations to acquire a versatile, relocatable, safe x-ray facility quickly and economically. It can be supplied with a range of optional extras, including the Metrix MetCam system and software , which can be customised to meet customer’s specific requirements and inspection needs.

Metrix NDT custom x-ray system helps pioneering American company reclaim timber and metal

Urban Machine, headquartered in Oakland, California, USA is dedicated to giving reclaimed wood a second life in a new project, enabling sustainable construction and design with building materials suitable for framing and finishing. This approach not only creates local economic opportunities and shortens lumber supply chains but also reduces embodied carbon and alleviates pressure on forests. 

Metrix NDT designed and built a custom x-ray system which precisely locates hidden metals within waste wood recovered from demolition in order to efficiently extract it.

Urban Machine’s CTO Andrew Gillies said

“By harnessing the power of Metrix‘s custom-built X-ray vision, there is potential to precisely locate hidden metals within wood recovered from demolition and gain valuable insights into its intricate grain patterns.”

“One particularly challenging step in our process is distinguishing nails from screws during our removal process. The high-fidelity data provided by Metrix’s system enables our image classifiers to identify screws via threaded features–a possibility only because of the high level of detail the sensor provides. This technology could enhance our efficiency and quality control while maximizing the value of each piece of reclaimed wood. Metrix‘s X-ray machine could help Urban Machine usher in a new era of precision, efficiency, and sustainability for reclaimed wood.”

Nick Fox, Managing Director, Metrix NDT said:

“Core to our business model of working with customers to produce bespoke and production x-ray solutions for challenging applications, Metrix has been excited to be part of this innovative project with Urban Machine.  This solution based around our MetCam imaging system driven by our MetView control, data acquisition, image processing software is another example of the powerful flexibility of our approach to industrial x-ray imaging.”

See Urban Machine’s videos of their machine in action at: www.urbanmachine.build /the-machine/

Delivery of new 3 meter version of EZ Access cabinet

In the latest development of the EZ-Access Cabinet family, Metrix NDT have delivered the new 3 metre version of this popular system to Xnovo Technology ApS in Denmark.

The EZ-Access cabinet is a flexible ergonomically designed radiological test facility that can be equipped with a wide range of customisable x-ray imaging solutions.

Featuring 8 shielded doors to provide maximum access to the chamber the new 3m x 1m x 1 m cabinet provides customers with a turnkey relocatable x-ray facility at an economic price.

The cabinet is radiologically shielded, has a 170kV 1.2mA blast wall, is fully safety interlocked, and has pre-wired communication ports (RS232, Ethernet and USB) and both interlocked and non-interlocked mains power outlets.

The cabinet can be supplied with a variety of discrete optional extras including optical benches, x-ray generators, x-ray detectors, motion stages and image acquisition and control software, or fully integrated turkey system such as micro-CT, line-scan or full-field x-ray imaging solutions.

Azat Slyamov, Scientist at Xnovo Technology ApS, Denmark said:

“We are extremely excited to receive this chamber. Metrix NDT was able to supply it in a short time period. The engineers’ team was helpful at every stage of planning, construction, and on-site commissioning of the chamber. Flexible design and modularity allowed us to request specific dimensions of the chamber rated for a specific X-ray generator, that was easily provided by Metrix NDT. We are looking forward to performing even more cutting-edge research using this chamber.”


EZ-Access Cabinet 3M

For more information contact: Nick Fox

Delivery of walk-in x-ray chamber to site

Metrix NDT have delivered and commissioned a new IRR17 compliant walk-in x-ray chamber to a UK customer’s site.

The chamber is based around a standard 20’ ISO container which has been modified to provide a radiologically shielded laboratory rated up to 300keV.  Fully interlocked with integrated x-ray safety warning lights, E-Stops and pre-installed comms to the remote control room the chamber has both a shielded personnel access door and a separate large (2m x 2m) equipment loading bay accessed via a shielded sliding door. 

MD Nick Fox said: 

” Successful delivery of this chamber further extends the range of x-ray equipment and accessories that Metrix can offer.  We are delighted to have supplied this equipment to a local University to enable their research team to extend their facilities and provide a valuable new resource.  The chamber designed to the customer’s specification will enable the University to install a variety of x-ray equipment and safely operate these systems from a remote control room whilst monitoring activity via dedicated CCTV.”

Walk-in x-ray chamber

See our current range of x-ray chambers here

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