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News and Events

Sale of MetCam X-Ray Inspection System to Castings Industry

February 2021

Metrix NDT Ltd is delighted to have won a significant order from Cook Defence Systems for their MetCam Digital X-Ray Imaging System.

Cook Defence Systems, a subsidiary of the William Cook group, is the world’s leading independent designer and manufacturer of tracks for armoured fighting vehicles. The MetCam system will be used to guarantee the integrity of cast steel track links for the British Army and allied militaries around the world.The MetCam x-ray system is a flexible package of components and software which can be configured to meet a wide range of application and customer needs. 

Delivery of EZ-Access chamber to Danish Hospital

January 2021

Metrix NDT Ltd is delighted to have delivered another EZ Access x-ray chamber, this time to the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy at Aarhus University Hospital. The chamber will be used in a project to enhance micro-CT images which will assist in identifying the difference between tumour and normal tissue. A close working relationship enabled Metrix NDT Ltd to provide the customer with a cost-effective solution and meet a tight delivery schedule.

Dr Jasper Nijkamp, principal investigator at Aarhus commented:

“The EZ-Access chamber was a cost-effective standard product that was readily adapted to our exact needs.  A great collaboration with Metrix NDT Ltd ensured that the chamber was configured to our requirements in a smooth and effective transition from concept to delivery”.

Metrix-NDT announces acquisition by Axi-Tek Ltd

November 2020

Metrix NDT Ltd was acquired by Axi-Tek Ltd in October 2020.

Metrix-NDT has worked in close collaboration with Axi-Tek Ltd since 2013 in developing new x-ray systems and software for a wide range of customers. 

The acquisition enables Axi-Tek to provide complete x-ray imaging solutions from R&D to market sales, trading through Metrix-NDT Ltd.

For more information contact Nick Fox Tel.: 01509 266 701 e-mail: n.fox@metrixndt.com