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Delivery of EZ-Access chamber to Danish Hospital

January 2021

Metrix NDT Ltd is delighted to have delivered another EZ Access x-ray chamber, this time to the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy at Aarhus University Hospital. The chamber will be used in a project to enhance micro-CT images which will assist in identifying the difference between tumour and normal tissue. A close working relationship enabled Metrix NDT Ltd to provide the customer with a cost-effective solution and meet a tight delivery schedule.

Dr Jasper Nijkamp, principal investigator at Aarhus commented:

“The EZ-Access chamber was a cost-effective standard product that was readily adapted to our exact needs.  A great collaboration with Metrix NDT Ltd ensured that the chamber was configured to our requirements in a smooth and effective transition from concept to delivery”.

Metrix-NDT announces acquisition by Axi-Tek Ltd

November 2020

Metrix NDT Ltd was acquired by Axi-Tek Ltd in October 2020.

Metrix-NDT has worked in close collaboration with Axi-Tek Ltd since 2013 in developing new x-ray systems and software for a wide range of customers. 

The acquisition enables Axi-Tek to provide complete x-ray imaging solutions from R&D to market sales, trading through Metrix-NDT Ltd.

For more information contact Nick Fox Tel.: 01509 266 701 e-mail: n.fox@metrixndt.com