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About us

Metrix NDT is a UK based supplier and designer of x-ray inspection components, systems, and services.

Metrix NDT Limited  was formed  in 2013 to offer world class x-ray components, systems and design expertise to the industrial and manufacturing sectors. 

In 2019 Metrix NDT was acquired by  the x-ray technology development company Axi-Tek Ltd  to form a group which can  provide complete x-ray imaging solutions from R&D to market sales.

As experts and innovators in the field of x-ray imaging Metrix NDT, in collaboration with Axi-Tek Ltd, have developed and supplied a range of modular  bespoke and customised x-ray systems  to a wide range of customers in the manufacturing and security industries.

The team at Metrix NDT are experts in developing software for x-ray imaging systems for the industrial and security markets and can provide software development services for the industrial and security sectors, including system control and integration, image processing, Threat Image Projection and CT data acquisition and rendering. Metrix also offers its own MetView x-ray imaging software, available with a wide range of options.

Metrix NDT’s novel  radiologically shielded cabinet , EZ Access is  suitable for  carrying out testing and experimental work with  a range of x-ray system configurations.

Metrix NDT Ltd can supply freestanding walk-in x-ray chambers based on purpose built or standard ISO containers. Available in a range of sizes and options

Through it’s close relationships with a range of leading manufacturers of x-ray equipment Metrix NDT is able to supply components and systems at competitive prices, including x-ray generators (sources) and x-ray detectors.

Metrix NDT can supply a wide range of CMOS and amorphous silicon (TFT) Flat Panel Detectors for digital radiography, suitable for a wide range of industrial inspection and non-destructive testing applications.

If you have old  x-ray facilities Metrix NDT can advise on  refurbishment of existing facilities including upgrades and retrofits.

Metrix NDT are also able to offer use of x-ray facilities for customers to carry out short run x-ray  inspection of batches of product. Ideal for emergency quality issues and to gain better understanding of  the advantages x-ray inspection can offer you.

Personal Service, Responsiveness and Understanding

The team at Metrix NDT work closely with customers to understand their particular x-ray inspection requirements and propose appropriate and cost effective solutions.

All work with our customers is carried out under strict Non Disclosure Agreements .

Customers of Metrix NDT include Original Equipment Manufacturers, Systems Integrators, Manufacturers in the food, aviation, automotive, security equipment and pharmaceutical sectors, the nuclear and mining industries, universities and research organisations and NDT specialists.

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