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About us

Metrix NDT is a UK based supplier and designer of x-ray inspection components, systems, and services.

With over 20 year experience in the x-ray and industrial inspection sectors and wealth of experience, Nick Fox formed Metrix NDT Limited  to offer world class x-ray components, systems and design expertise to the industrial and manufacturing sectors, alongside designing and developing the next generation of advanced x-ray based NDT equipment.

Through partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers Metrix NDT is able to supply components and systems at competitive prices, and to work with these partners to develop new products to meet the needs of its customers.

In addition to supplying x-ray generators, x-ray detectors and turkey x-ray systems, Metrix NDT are experts in solving industrial x-ray inspection problems and can supply bespoke design  and customised x-ray imaging systems suitable for production line and  machine integration. Metrix NDT can also supply radiologically shielded cabinets for use with a variety  of x-ray systems.

The team at Metrix NDT work closely with customers to understand their particular x-ray inspection requirements and propose appropriate and cost effective solutions.

Customers of Metrix NDT include Original Equipment Manufacturers, Systems Integrators, Manufacturers in the food, aviation, automotive, security equipment and pharmaceutical sectors, the nuclear and mining industries, universities and research organisations and NDT specialists.

All work with our customers is carried out under strict Non Disclosure Agreements.


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