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X-Ray components, systems and solutions for research and development activities.

X-Ray Components, Systems and Solutions for Research and Development Activities

X-ray inspection is an important tool in many areas of R&D, allowing researchers to investigate and analyse internal hidden structures without destroying the integrity of the item under investigation.
X-ray inspection enables you to:

  • Detect, identify and measure features
  • Detect defects and faults
  • Measure thicknesses and coatings
  • Measure internal linear distances
  • Observe changes
  • Detect foreign objects, debris and contaminants

EZ Access

A versatile radiologically shielded x-ray cabinet, ideal for use in research laboratories and R&D departments
EZ Access is ideal for use in research and development and testing environments for x-ray imaging and inspection applications. The cabinet can be used with pre-installed or customers’ own x-ray generators and detectors for varied applications. . . Read more

Metrix NDT

Offering both standard products and custom solutions,  the team at Metrix NDT  have extensive experience of working with universities and research departments. We can supply complete turnkey x-ray systems to enable you to access x-ray inspection facilities quickly and simply. If your requirements are more specialised, we are able to help you configure standard systems to meet your specific requirements or advise on complete bespoke systems.
Our x-ray generators and tubes are suitable for film and digital imaging.

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