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Original Equipment Manufacturers

X-Ray Systems for Original Equipment Manufacturers, Machine Builders and System Integrators

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Machine Builders and System Integrators are increasingly required to incorporate x-ray inspection capability into manufacturing facilities, material handling systems and production lines.

Metrix NDT are experts in designing, building and supplying  x-ray inspection systems suitable for a wide range of x-ray inspection applications.

Metrix NDT can reduce time to market for your design and build of x-ray inspection systems by supplying complete digital x-ray imaging system packages, comprising the x-ray detectors, generator and software, for integration into production lines and x-ray machines.

  • Integrated x-ray imaging system packages
  • Flexible solutions
  • Wide range of industrial x-ray inspection applications
  • X-Ray Expertise

Find out how our MetCam X-ray Imaging System can provide a cost effective, flexible solution to your x-ray system needs

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