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X-ray systems and components for the nuclear industry.

X-Ray Inspection for the Nuclear Industry

Safety is a critical issue in the nuclear industry.  Ensuring plant and equipment are fit for purpose and identifying potential faults and problems is a high priority. X-ray inspection technology is a widely used tool in the nuclear industry to inspect and investigate concealed features, structures and contents.

X-rays can be used to detect defects such as cracks, broken parts, porosity and welding defects, looking inside inaccessible structures.


X-ray technology is also widely used to inspect the character and composition of waste in sealed drums, containers and crates to assist the inspectors to analyse the content to classify and identify prohibited items.

Metrix NDT

With over 20 year experience in the x-ray and industrial inspection and nuclear industry sectors, the team at Metrix NDT work closely with customers to understand their particular requirements and propose appropriate and cost effective solutions from component level to complete integrated turnkey systems.


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