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X-Ray Inspection Systems for Industrial Inspection

X-Ray Inspection Systems for Industrial Inspection

Metrix NDT design and build x-ray imaging systems for industrial inspection.

Whether you need a turnkey x-ray inspection chamber or a custom built x-ray imaging system for integration into your production line, our experts can look at your application and advise on the best solutions to meet your needs.

X-ray Inspection

Industrial radiography is an important tool for non-destructive testing (NDT). X-ray inspection can enable manufacturers to inspect inside the product to check  conformance and integrity  in-line  at production line speeds.

X-Ray inspection can detect contaminants, foreign objects and debris, in solids, liquids or creams. It  can check pack completeness and integrity, even in foil and metalised film packaging. . . more

Our Customers

We work with manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and machine builders  over a wide range of sectors. Our clients include Production Managers, NDT and quality assurance specialists, Research and Development teams, Project teams and many more people involved in ensuring the production of consistently high quality product.

Our Team

The team at Metrix NDT has over 20 years experience in the design,  build and supply  of x-ray systems, of industrial inspection and non-destructive testing,  and of industrial  radiography.  We ware experts in designing systems to meet specific inspection requirements.


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